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During our years of experience, our installation staff has completed over 300 major furniture projects of different sizes for scientific and research laboratories all over Egypt. These projects were performed to the highest international standards and to the full satisfaction of our esteemed customers. We have successfully carried out the installation, performed service and maintenance during and after warranty period.

Some of the major laboratory projects in Egypt that were executed by Etico Scientific include:

  1. Egyptian Electricity Authority, furniture and laboratory analytical apparatus, completed 1979, project value $454,030.00.
  2. Tanta University, Medical Educational Center, laboratory furniture, complete 1982, project value $2,355,938.00.
  3. Ministry of Education, scientific educational equipment, completed 1982, project value $893,233.00.
  4. Ministry of Education, scientific educational equipment, phase II, completed 1983, project value $3,260,680.00.
  5. Supreme Council of Universities, three mobile air pollution monitoring stations, completed 1985, project value $1,250,000.00.
  6. Ministry of Education, scientific educational equipment, phase III, completed 1985, project value $1,243,814.00.
  7. Egyptian Electricity Authority, analytical equipment, completed 1986, project value $720,000.00.
  8. Supreme Council of Universities, Biological Research Laboratories, completed 1987, project value $2,037,000.00.
  9. Supreme Council of Universities, Physical Chemistry Research Laboratories, completed 1988, project value $1,210,000.00.
  10. General Organization for Industrialization, Environmental Measurement Laboratory El-Tibbin, completed 1989, project value $1,003,000.00.
  11. Ministry of Health, Child Survival Project, completed 1991, project value $1,000,000.00.
  12. Ministry of Agriculture, National Agriculture Research Project, laboratory and field analyzers, completed 1994, project value $1,250,000.00.
  13. Egyptian Electricity Authority, Damanhour Power Plant, 12 water quality monitor racks, completed 1996, project value $1,100,000.00.
  14. Egyptian Electricity Hospital, hospital and laboratory furniture, completed 1996, project value $1,045,000.00.
  15. Ministry of Health, renovation of Central laboratories’ furniture in all Egyptian Governorates, eight phases, completed 1999, project value $2,750,000.00.
  16. American University in Cairo, New Academic Center, Laboratory furniture, completed 2001, project value $ 200’000.00.
  17. Faculty of Science, Helwan University, Laboratory Furniture and ventilation equipment, completed 2005, project value $350’000.00.
  18. Egyptian Academy for Engineering and Advanced Technologies, Laboratory Furniture and Fume Hoods, completed 2005, project value $550’000.00.
  19. Children’s Cancer Hospital in Cairo “CCHF”, Biological Safety Cabinets and Fume Hoods, completed in 2007, project value $210’000.00.
  20. The New Grand Museum of Egypt, Laboratory furniture, completed in 2008, project value $575’000.00
  21. Ahram Canadian University, 6th of October City, Laboratory furniture and fume hoods, completed in 2008, project value $300'000.00